Sound on Sound review the SHUpHLER and the PHAMULUS

Phaedrus Audio ship the first new rack-mount PHUSION

Housed in a 2RU, mains-powered unit, the PHÆDRUS AUDIO PHUSION is a recreation of two entire channel strips from classic consoles from the past.
Check out our FREE impulse-responses so you can demo the PHUSION in your studio.
Phædrus Audio have just introduced two Electronic TubesTM: drop in replacements for the famous and very rare VF14M and AC701 tubes (valves) used in Neumann's U47/48, M49, M50, KM54, KM56, M249, SM69, M269c microphones, as well as the Schoeps M211b, M222 and others.

The story of the rarest tube in the world

The VF14 pentode vacuum tube would be a long-forgotten museum-piece were it not for the fact that Neumann chose this unusual component as the active device in the impedance-converter for their now legendary U47 and U48 microphones.

New Dual PHAB is announced

The Phædrus Audio PHAB-S is a recreation of two channels from the the famous all vacuum tube recording console used to record The Beatles. The 2U mains powered unit houses two instances of the fundamental building-brick of The Fabs' console: the Type 47 modular amplifiers.

Email to pre-order your PHAB-S.

Phædrus Audio talk power supplies

“We were very mindful of the 230V mains and widow-maker 400V DC power loom in the original vintage consoles. To avoid this dangerous, antique arangement, we decided to distribute power around the mixer on a 12V AC loom.


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