The London Series

The Phædrus Audio London-Series was Phædrus Audio's original range of modular, signal-processing gear based on the London Console.

Now that Phædrus Audio have introduced the PHAB-S to replace the original PHAB and the PHUSION which integrates the HYDRA, PHILTER and PHI in a mains-powered, rack-mount unit, the stand-alone PHAB, PHILTER, HYDRA, PHUEL and PHAUN are now only available to special order. Please contact for more details.

The PHAMULUS vari-mu compressor and the unique stereo SHUpHLER are still current products but are now painted grey with chicken-head knobs to match the PHUSION and PHAB-S.

Grey 2U keeper plates are available to rack-mount a pair of PHAMULUS compressors.


PHAB tube microphone preamplifier

The Phædrus Audio PHAB is a high-quality microphone preamplifier which is based on the EF86 pentode amplifier and an E88CC dual-triode line-driving stage. A re-creation of the modular amplifiers in the sixties Stereosonic consoles used by The FABs, the PHAB preamp features a precision, switched, balanced attenuator, high-pass filter, 10dB pad, switchable gain, and phantom power.

More about the PHAB here.

PHILTER - passive EQ module

The Phædrus Audio PHILTER recreates the famous, passive EQ circuits found in the Stereosonic consoles of the 1960s. In addition to low- and high-frequency shelving filters, the unit incorporates HF peak boost at: 2.5kHz; 3.5kHz; 5kHz; 8kHz; 10kHz; and 12kHz. Maximum cut/boost is 10dB controlled in steps of 2dB via precision, stepped, rotary attenuators. The EQ is entirely passive and incorporates high-quality inductors housed in mu-metal cans.

More about the PHILTER here.

TG12345 preamp Olympic mic preamp Trident mic preamp

HYDRA - Multi-headed, transistorised microphone preamp'

The HYDRA is Phædrus Audio's multi-headed, transistorised microphone preamp'. A unique concept, the HYDRA contains four classic circuits: the SW1, the SW13, NW8 and W1; each a recreation of the solid-state microphone preamplifiers found in these locations in London in the nineteen-sixties.

More about the HYDRA here.


PHAMULUS - Vari-mu compressor; based on the Altec 436

The PHAMULUS is a single-channel, tube, delta-mu compressor based on the Altec 436 and adding the famous modifications which transformed the Altec into the Abbey Road RS124. Two mono PHAMULUS units may be linked to provide stereo compression/limiting.

More about the PHAMULUS here.

Each of the London Series modules is rack mountable in a 19", 2RU keeper plate.

By this means, different signal processing arrangements may be simpy configured according to requirements.

Keeper plates are available to house 2 London Series units.

More information.

PHAUN - Ribbon mic' head-amplifier

When an insensitive, ribbon or moving-coil microphone is used with a classic microphone preamplifierlike the PHAB, there is often the need to run the preamp' "flat-out" in order to get enough gain into the DAW interface. This is rarely an ideal condition. For this reason, we are introduced the new Phædrus Audio PHAUN, a fully balanced, class-A, super low-noise microphone head-amplifier to be used between the ribbon, or the moving-coil microphone and the PHAB or HYDRA preamplifiers.

More about the PHAUN.

London Series - Power supply options

London series modules may be run from the included AC supplies, or from a PHUEL PSU.



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