PHAB microphone preamplifier
a pre-amp fit for the FABs

Now that the PHAB is integrated in our new, two-channel PHAB-S product, the stand-alone PHAB is only available to special order. Please contact for more details.


The Phædrus Audio PHAB is a recreation of the famous all valve (vacuum tube) mic' preamp's used to record The Beatles.

The PHAB is based around the fundamental building-brick of The Fabs' console: the Type 47 modular amplifiers.

The Phædrus Audio PHAB microphone preamplifier is essentially the front-end of a single-channel of the famous Stereosonic consoles, in which the modular-amplifier is combined with a rotary attenuator, switchable pad, high-pass filter and gain-switching circuitry.

Much more information is available on our Phædrus and the FABs..... The Beatles Recording Gear page.

Here's the circuit schematic of the PHAB microphone preamplifier....


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