The London Console
- how it all started.....

The London Console came about because, as two, amateur, recording musicians we wanted to own a "classic" console from the nineteen-sixties. Ideally a famous tube mixer - like the one The Beatles used.

But those desks make a collection of hen's teeth look positively prosaic - as well as cheap! So, we set about researching and eventually building a vintage console.

The requirement was for a tube tracking-mixer with four or more mic' channels (complete with classic inductor-capacitor EQs) and a simple master mixer. The brief also included the option to employ a "classic" vari-mu compressor-limiter in the chain via send-and-return. And, of course, the long-lost Stereosonic Shuffler.

A London Console for everyman...

Frankly, the London Console, isn't for everyone. Quite apart from its rather Steampunk looks, it was very expensive to build and actually a 4 into 2 console is not much of a mixer by today's standards.

So we decided to design and sell a range of products which broke-down the functionality of the London desk into modules:

With these Phædrus Audio modules, you can build-up the signal chain of a Stereosonic console.. a piece at a time.

The new PHUSION product combines two channels of the London Console in a 2RU, rack-mount unit.


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