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The Phædrus Audio ADAMANTINE transimpedance phono preamplifier is now withdrawn from sale pending an exciting product and partnership announcement .

Contact Phædrus Audio for more information.

For existing ADAMANTINE customers, your warranties and Lifetime Care are unaffected. Contact Phædrus Audio if you have any concerns.


Unlike other preamplifiers, the ADAMANTINE does not include RIAA equalisation: instead, it converts the phono cartridge to being displacement sensitive, so that it recovers the constant-amplitude information directly from the LP's groove.

The result? A preamplifier capable of OUTSTANDING clarity and information retrieval.


When driving the ADAMANTINE preamplifier, the electrodynamic motor in the cartridge is converted to being displacement-sensitive (like a strain-gauge or optical cartridge) by sensing the short-circuit output-current from the cartridge as explained in this article or this video.

The resulting signal recovered from the groove only requires modest equalisation instead of the 100:1 ratio required for RIAA resulting in unparalleled audio transparency.

  From stylus to sound, with only gain in between

Watch a short video about the ADAMANTINE preamplifier


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