transparent phono preamplifier

The Phædrus Audio ADAMANTINE is a phono preamplifier with a difference.

Unlike other preamplifiers, it does not include RIAA equalisation.

Instead, it converts the phono cartridge to being displacement sensitive, so that it recovers the constant-amplitude information directly from the LP's groove.

The result is a preamplifier capable of OUTSTANDING clarity and information retrieval.

The Phædrus Audio ADAMANTINE preamplifier builds on our experience developing the DisC displacement cartridge, to a more generalised preamplifier which works with a range of selected third-party phono cartridges. Our principal recommendation is partnering the ADAMANTINE with either the DisC cartridge or Audio Technica's new 500 & 700 range of MM cartridges.

Audio Technica's 500 and 700 moving-magnet range stretches all the way from the budget VM510CB with a plastic body and a conical stylus to the VM760SLC, AT's top-of-the-range model with a solid metal body and a beautiful, nude-shank, line-contact stylus.

But ADAMANTINE may be adapted for a very wide range of (moving-magnet) cartridges, so contact for information about using the unique ADAMANTINE preamp with your favourite cartridge.


When driving the ADAMANTINE preamplifier, the electrodynamic motor in the cartridge is converted to being displacement-sensitive (like a strain-gauge or optical cartridge) by sensing the short-circuit output-current from the cartridge as explained in this article or this video.

The resulting signal recovered from the groove only requires modest equalisation instead of the 100:1 ratio required for RIAA resulting in unparalleled audio transparency.

  From stylus to sound, with only gain in between

Watch a short video about the ADAMANTINE preamplifier


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