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Phædrus announce the launch of Gold Dot AC701 SupertubeTM

The AC701 Gold Dot Supertube is our second generation of the AC701 electronic tube. This device improves over the performance of the original AC701 electronic tubeTM device in several ways.
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Improve your tracking with Phædrus Audio's free phono cartridge alignment protractor

Löfgren (Baerwald) or Stevenson alignment gauge.

New PHLUX-III cartridge

With a hand made American black ash wooden body with rock maple inlay and a brass staging plate, designed and made by a recognised luthier, the PHLUX-III incorporates new amplifier technology with a bandwidth from DC to 2MHz.

The stylus is a nude, square-shank, Shibata type.

Phædrus Audio FLIGHT

Phædrus Audio are proud to introduce the Phædrus FLIGHT - our reference-quality, all-analogue phono preamplifier for real-time replay of records.
Including Phædrus Audio's unique signal processing for LP replay and stereo enhancement, the Phædrus Audio FLIGHT is the ultimate phono preamplifier for collectors and audiophiles alike.

Phædrus Audio EC8020-pH Supertube™

The Phædrus Audio EC8020-pH is a re-creation of Telefunken's greatest tube. It is possible to create low-noise phono preamplifier of exceptional quality with a single tube per channel.


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