VF14T - a thermionic tube based replacement for the VF14

We worked really hard to emulate exactly the electronic performance of the VF14M valve using our electronic tube technology. And our VF14M remains the closest approximation in engineering terms to the performance of a selected Telefunken VF14M.

Yet for various, understandable reasons, some owners of the U47 and U48 microphones remain stalwart real tube enthusiasts. Some feel that, in the interests of authenticity, a real, thermionic tube must be the right approach. Others insist that their ears tell them there is just "something about a tube".

The Phædrus Audio VF14T is designed for them!


Using specially-sourced, highly selected tubes (from an ex-NATO stockpile), we have created a VF14 replacement using tube technology in which a miniature pentode is mounted in a VF14-style chassis.

Unlike some other VF14 replacements, we haven't sought to disguise the arrangement and enclose the tube. Instead the tube electrode stucture is visible, as well as the support electronics which modifies the heater voltage and re-biases the miniature tube so that it works at its optimum operating-point in a completely unmodified Neumann circuit.

The Phædrus Audio VF14T is guaranteed for 1 year. Note that there is no Red Dot version of the VF14T.

You can download the VF14T datasheet here

1 Details of our warranty is here.


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