Phædrus Audio Electronic TubesTM are designed as drop-in replacements for scarce and expensive tubes used in famous, vintage microphones including: The Neumann U47, U48, KM54, KM56, M249, M49, M50, SM69, M269c, Schoeps M211b, M222 and others. The electronic tubes are designed so as to not require any modification to these valuable microphones. See below for further information, applications and technical information.

Two models of Phædrus Audio Electronic TubesTM are currently available:

The Phædrus Audio VF14M

The Phædrus Audio AC701k

Phædrus Audio Electronic TubesTM are now available in two grades: a value grade - ideal for DIYers; and the Phædrus RED DOT Electronic TubeTM grade. Read more about RED DOT tubes here. Prices are here.

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